Who are we?

We’re a team of young people; we’re entrepreneurs and we want to change a lot of things! This is what all the team of Stayforlong represents and this is what we value!

Our mission

Our mission is that our regular clients pay less for their accommodation in any hotel.

Why should you have to pay the same price per night when staying for a weekend or as you do when you stay for a whole week? It’s only fair that if you stay for longer, you pay a little less.

We act as intermediates between you and the hotel as to get the hotel to offer you better prices and/or conditions for staying for three nights or more.

Our vision

While other websites offer you “special-offers” when staying for only one night without any breakfast, in a hotel during low season, we do things differently. We reward our regular customers with better offers, for that reason only, because they are regular customers!

We believe it’s a win-win situation since everyone benefits from our offer:

  • Hotels attract better customers as they are customers who stay for more nights.
  • Clients have a better stay because they are regular customers! Not only regular, but the best customers!

What we value

“Do one thing, and do it better than anyone else”

We are focused on doing just one thing properly, getting our clients to enjoy better conditions because they are customers who stay for more nights, and not just a weekend.

In this case, we are unbeatable. If you are looking for bookings of 1 or 2 nights, we can recommend an infinite number of websites who are experts in this type of offers, but we can’t help you in these cases as it’s not what we do!

We ❤ our clients

We honestly want our customers to benefit from the greatest number of possible advantages. So, we always negotiate with our hotels by having in mind only one thing: the benefits that our customers will enjoy.

We ❤ our hotels

We love hotels, and our goal is for them to benefit from our collaboration, as well as our customers! That's why we try to offer them all our help in getting the best, regular customers.